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Purchase of branded VRFMills products, i.e. ‘India Gate’ brand will incur local or interstate Goods & Services Tax (GST).
In case of a local order/delivery, the tax will be 2.5% (IGST) plus 2.5% (SGST). For an interstate order/delivery,
the tax levied will be 5% (IGST)


Non branded -Suji


Sooji otherwise known as Semolina is coarse/granulated wheat extracted after the milling of whole wheat. It is widely used for preparing ready to eat food items. Indian market hosts a variety of Semolina/Sooji. But, the one with standard-sized granules is the perfect choice for cooking as it can be further blended into finer particles as per the choice. VRF Mills produces supreme quality Sooji with the same nostalgic rustic taste and high nutritional value. 

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India Gate -Suji

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Non branded -Super Patent Maida

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Vikram roller flour mills - Dalia 500 g

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Non branded -Suji

₹ 1375


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